This Airline Tailored for Millennials Has Just Commenced Operations

December 3, 2017

 File photo of a Joon Airbus A320 model. Image courtesy of Reuters. 


Organic Quinoa salads, Baobab juice, and the latest TV shows streamed to your device are just some of the amenities that a new and exclusive airline will offer to its customers. Joon (a play on the French word jeune), Air France's "Airline for Millennials," has begun operations as of December 1, 2017; furthermore, it also announced several new routes from its hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. Designed for flyers in the "millennial generation" (i.e. travelers between 18 and 35 years old), Joon will initially offer short-haul and medium-haul services around Europe, with plans to expand to long-haul destinations abroad. From its hub in Paris, Joon will initially offer service to popular destinations such as Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto. Tickets start as $46 one way, comparable to what low-cost carriers offer on these routes. These flights will initially be operated by a fleet of six Airbus A320 aircraft, all transferred from parent company Air France. In the summer of 2018, Air France plants to transfer four older Airbus A340-300 aircraft to Joon, allowing it to commence service to destinations such as Fortaleza, Brazil, and the Seychelles. These aircraft will eventually be replaced by newer Airbus A350 aircraft. According to Travel+Leisure, long-haul fares will come at the affordable rate of $293 one way. 


Despite its low fares, Joon is not a budget or low-cost airline per se. Rather, it provides a unique experience for the tech-savvy traveler, offering complimentary streaming entertainment via a Wi-Fi network to passengers' devices, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) headsets in business class. Targeted toward travelers who consider digital technology as a part of their lives, Joon aims to recreate this style of life, with USB charging available at every seat, as well as the entertainment options previously mentioned. Over the summer, when Air France officially launched Joon and released a promotional video, Joon was described as something not just an airline, but "a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant - and Joon does flying too!"


First and foremost, what does it mean when Joon says that it is a "fashion brand?" Well, in the promotional video, Joon's flight attendants are dressed in a newly designed uniform meant to evoke the Millennial spirit. These will be mostly blue and black in color, with blue being the identifying color of the Joon brand. Furthermore, flight attendants aren't required to dress formally, as is the case with mainline Air France flight attendants, but will dress in a uniform with a "chic sportswear look."

Image courtesy of Air France/Joon. 


What about a "rooftop bar?" In this regard, I presume Air France is referring to the fact that Joon will offer premium food offerings on its flights, with many meals constructed out of organic ingredients, a must-have for millennials. Furthermore, it offers vitamin-infused beverages, in addition to the organic food offerings. In an interesting play on words from Gizmodo, the rooftop bar is located on a plane, meaning that it literally flies above all rooftops. 

Image courtesy of Air France/Joon.  


The "entertainment channel" concept is easy to understand. For all passengers, Joon will offer complimentary streaming entertainment via an onboard server to its passengers' personal devices. For those who don't have a screen, however, Joon will provide an AlloSky Virtual Reality headset. Announced at the Apex Expo in September, this headset will feature "two 1080p micro-OLED displays working in tandem to, apparently, give the illusion that you're watching on a ten-foot screen." 

Image courtesy of Air France/Joon. 


As a "personal assistant," Joon will be providing many additional services to passengers, in addition to bringing them from point A to point B. As Gizmodo reports, Joon "offers services like the option to rent out your car to strangers while you’re gone through TravelCar, get tourism advice from Airbnb operators, be forced into traveling to a random destination through Waynabox, and crowdfunding your airfare through Paper Plane, a service that hasn’t debuted yet."

Image courtesy of Air France/Joon. 


From a management perspective, Joon is a way for Air France to cut costs on some routes that aren't as profitable as others. As puts it, "What corporate France lacks in cost-cutting potential, it makes up for in style," referring to Joon's business concept. The airline attempts to cut costs by transferring cabin crews under Joon, where they will be paid at a rate less than that of mainline Air France cabin crews. In essence, this will allow Air France to save up to 18% on flight crew costs. As oil prices begin to rise and Europe recovers after a series of terrorist attacks, Air France must devise a way to stay competitive in the long run. Joon needs to court the millennial travelers, who spend a significant amount of time onboard flights. Thus, it's targeting customers who are "price sensitive" but also place "a high value on technology and lifestyle requirements." 

Image courtesy of Air France/Joon. 


Are you excited to be flying this unique new airline target towards millennials? 

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